When You Want Your Safety Training To Stick






Where is your safety training gap?

Front Line Buy-In

Do your front line employees enjoy their safety training? Are they active participants taking a leading roll in implementing what they've learned?

90 percent of employees say it’s important that training is engaging and fun, with two in five citing this as being very important. IPSOS, 2018

Actionable Training

Does your training set your front line up for success by helping them identify how to apply safety procedures to the reality of their job and their day?

43% of employees say their training is somewhat, not very, or not at all effective in helping them succeed at work. IPSOS, 2018

Consistent Delivery

Do your safety managers have the tools they need to deliver training consistently across multiple site locations?

Only 25% of respondents to a 2010 survey reported that training improved employees’ performance. MCKINSEY & CO. 

Follow Through

Do your front line employees get the long-term support and accountability they need to turn their knowledge into every day behavior? 

Robert Brinkerhoff reports that only 15% of people were able to achieve sustained new behaviors after a training session. 

If you're already investing heavily in your safety training... If you're tired of saying the same thing to your employees... If you're frustrated that they keep making stupid mistakes, then we should talk. Because your employees are also tired of hearing you say the same thing. They're also frustrated that they keep making stupid mistakes when they know better. No one wants to get hurt on the job. 

We can help you close the gap between your safety training and your employees' safety behavior.

Harness the Power of Habit

How We Work With Clients

We work with you to co-create and implement a customized training solution so that your safety training sticks and your employees create the habits that will protect themselves and your bottom line.

Employee Events

We've got you covered for events of all sizes. From small group trainings to company wide all-hands events, our trainings engage employees from beginning to end and they leave with a plan of action for how to make a new safety habit.

"I just couldn’t seem to make it happen on my own. There was always an excuse or obstacle in the way."

Train the Trainer

Whether it's our own training on creating habits or whether we're modifying your existing training to be habit friendly, we can deliver training in-person, online, or train your employees to deliver the training for you.

"The feed back and encouragement are what makes this work. It’s hard to break bad habits and develops good habits no matter how committed you are."


Every company is different. We'll help you evaluate the habits you need to create, how you're already communicating with your employees, and help you develop a plan for changing your employees' behavior once and for all.

"It helped me focus on driving and the training I received when I first learned to drive. My wife comments that a I drive better now."

Habit Challenges

Knowing what to do is the easy part. Our Signature Habit Challenges provide your employees with the support and accountability needed to stick to it until new neural pathways are formed in the brain and the behavior becomes a habit.

"Several other things I was working on concurrently (without the structure) improved as well. There was a global improvement in my commitment to making changes."

The only thing standing between you and the employees you want are the good habits you wish they had and the bad habits you wish they didn’t. 

Our Results

Our proprietary approach helps you close the gap between training and behavior. It’s quick, easy, and fun. In less than 10 minutes a day, you can start creating healthier, safer, and more productive teams.  

Engaged Employees

Employees who participate in our 60 Day Habit Challenges. 

Changed Behavior

Increase of targeted behavior at the end of 60 days.

Where is Your Safety Training Gap?

Rolling out a safety training and want to make sure it makes the impact you want? We’ll use our proprietary process to evaluate your training initiative in 4 key areas. We'll quickly determine your gap and give you specific recommendations on how to close that gap quickly and effectively.




Every New Year millions of people make resolutions to change their behavior so they can get healthier and happier. But over 90% of those resolutions will fail.  

We set out to change that record. A local government gave 34 employee the opportunity to change their habits as part of a New Year’s Resolution Habit Challenge.


  • 153%: Increase in Targeted Behavior  
  • 61%: Increase in Confidence
  • 69%: Participation


The goal was to provide 53 of their foreman with tools to change their behavior and to let them know the company cared about their well-being on the jobsite and at home. 

This training initiative straddled both health and safety behaviors, so that the foreman could have the flexibility to target the behavior he/she felt would make the biggest improvement in his/her life.


  • 125%: Increase in Targeted Behavior  
  • 41%: Increase in Confidence 
  • 60%: Participation


A midmarket Oil and Gas company needed to train 1,000 hourly employees on becoming better safety leaders in a 3 month period. But employees have heard the same information multiple times and can tune out safety messages.  

Our objective was to develop a 4 hour training based on existing company vision, values, and materials; make existing training material new and exciting; and give employees a set of tools, so they could change their behavior for the long-term. 


  • 75%: Increase in Targeted Behavior 
  • 32%: Increase in Confidence
  • 68%: Participation

Read our article in the February 2018 edition of the Professional Safety: Journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers.  

Organizations Impacted

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